Rock and Roll!

Adam's Biography

Primary Instrument: Drums & Percussion, Keyboard, Harmonica

 Other: Live and studio engineering


Kick/Toms - Keller Shells (custom chrome wrap)

Studio toms = hybrid FAST sizes, all rack

Pearl snare (maple, steel or wood-over-steel)

Evans Heads

Pearl, Gibraltar hardware

DW Pedals

Zildjian (live) or Sabian (studio) cymbals

Hosa cables

DBX processing

LP auxiliary percussion

AKG or Crown vocal mics

Regal Tip / Vic Firth sticks & mallets (5A, 5B, 2B)

Sennheiser and CAD microphones

Roland electronics


History: Adam began playing drums when he was 8 years old. Influenced by jazz, fusion and rock drummers like Lenny White, Dave Weckl and Kenny Aronoff, he started playing professionally at age 14. Adam has played with several regional bands. He joined Jim, Karl and Bill to form Pastel Black in 2006.