Rock and Roll!

Jim's Authorized Biography

Jim/J.J./Jimi Humble was born in a bar in Liverpool and quickly put his stamp on the 80’s British metal scene with his extremely loud, non-melodic guitar style.  Scores of British guitarists, including Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnel, list Jimi as a major influence and source of inspiration.  His first band, The Pittsburgh Steelers, scored a number one hit with their rendition of the song “Iron Man”.  The music magazine Metal Hedge called his playing “a dissonant note in an otherwise harmonic world”.  Assuming this to be some sort of compliment, Jimi formed the band Van Humble, which went on to huge success with six quasi-platinum albums and sold-out Japanese tours.  He also left his mark as a studio musician by recording tracks for the Australian band Frogfinger.  With little left to accomplish in the music scene, Jimi dedicated himself over the next decade to the study of botany.  Having pushed botany to its limits, Jimi is making a comeback as a founding member of Pastel Black, the loudest band in Winona.

 His credits include the invention of the 13-string guitar which, as Jimi puts it, is “one better than a 12-string”.  He is also credited with developing an amplifier modification which allows his amps to go to 11 and, coincidentally, is also “one better”.